The Quickway Proposal is a plan to create a truly World Class rapid transit system for the San Diego region. It would connect many more residents with many more likely destinations far more quickly and directly, with less waiting, greater convenience, and an overall superior experience.


The  plan directly links the region's many pedestrian-oriented zones, provides rapid access from suburban communities, gets closer to employment sites, and would be cheaper to build and operate than our current plans.


We invite you to learn more about the Quickway Proposal and what it can do for the region.

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"The Quickway Proposal in Brief"
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This presentation gives an overview of the Quickway Proposal and what it can do for the San Diego region.

These are the building blocks of a more effective transit system.

The first recommended Quickway projects.

Maps showing potential projects as well as the proposed route network, along with videos

Technical studies performed for the Quickway Project team.

The background to the Quickway Proposal. Where did the ideas and concepts come from?

Get in touch with the Quickway project team and share your views with others.